About Me

Taina is a Swiss-Finnish artist based in Zürich. Since she was a child, she has been making the world a more colourful place with innovative art ideas, using new techniques in different genres, like Streetart, Urbanart, Popart, character design, new contemporary, collage, comic, objet trouvé…. and she often mixes them together. 

In her painting she likes smiles, dots and stripes, and creatures like happy monsters (with teeth) and cats in bright colours. She also enjoys collecting weird objects and old things, then creating something new from them. Other things she loves are comics, Manga, Star Wars, rainbows and her family.

With over 50 exhibitions, she has not only gathered a following in Switzerland but has sold pictures all over the world. In addition, she is an internationally acclaimed street artist and has been invited to famous Streetart Festivals like UpFest in Bristol and Ibug in Chemnitz.  In 2023 she is part of the curator team for the first Streetart Festival in Frauenfeld, Switzerland. 

Taina has painted murals abroad, including on the Teufelsberg in Berlin, a ten metre tall mural in Munich’s Werksvietel and has decorated the St Pauli Stadium in Hamburg. Her art is also in Mozambique where she made a trip with the charity Viva con Aqua. So the good vibes of her joy-filled paintings are carried round the world and she is definitely one to keep an eye on!